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Why No One Talks About Anymore

13 Realities That You Must Know About the Us Army

Different people have different perception about the military works in the USA. In case you have a relative or loved one in the military, it’s possible that you have a hint of what happens in the military and it must be affecting you in one way or another when someone reminds you of the US military. There is much of debates about the services of these officers and their rewards. It’s good that you learn more about the facts that relate to the military and but not only hearing it from the internet or radios. Here are some of the important 13 that will give you the real situation of the US military.

The army was established before the United States was. Before the state could gain its independence in 1776, George Washington had to from the army to fight for the independence in 1775. This means that the army must have come before the United States.

Secondly, the army employees a lot of people. The second largest employing corporation in the US is the army with over 1milliin solders.

Then, an army isn’t the most eco-friendly. There is much use of the fuel due to the daily services of the army with the heavy machines which pollute the environment.

Many former US presidents started in the army. The fact is that 31 of 41 presidents passed through the army such as the George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, H.W. Bush, and many others.

The army has many acres of land in the US. The US army has large pieces of land that if brought together would lead to 24000 square miles.

There are many military dogs in the US army. The number of dogs trained for the army services is almost 2500 with 700 dogs being involved daily.

There is a special group for training dogs. Then, if we have seen the US army comprises of even dogs then definitely there must be someone training these dogs to gain the knowledge of the army services.

Its possible even to women. Women are also not left behind when it comes to the US army providing support to the army but in most case, there are given light duties.

PTSD and other mental health Disorders are prevalent. Many soldiers have been affected with the PTSD or other mental disorders because the conditions and situations they are exposed to.

Many children find themselves without their parents. In a time of war children turns to be partial orphans or total orphans in case their soldier parents become victims of war.

The spouses that lost their loved ones have experienced much pain. Mostly women suffer from anxiety and depression when they have to bear with the kind of services their husband have to do.

Several families are impacted by the war. Many families have to bear the pain of losing their loved one in war.

We can thank Washington for the army outfits. The fashion used by the US troops is really nice for appreciation despite the attempt to change it.

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