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Benefits of Having a Dog

Since the beginning of time, as history has told us that man and dog are good friends, when in fact, they’re just more than a companionship. Exceedingly, dogs are playful, energetic and most of the time silly, but all dogs are loyal companions to all people and open up completely to change daily routines when you share your life to them. However, dogs can be so messy to handle, it requires a lot of perseverance and patience like bath, foods, violent attitudes and everyday walking. If you have this hairy friend in your home already, you’ll very lucky enough and be glad to have this kind of companion. Some research shows that having a pet dog in your home will bring real health benefits to the owners and children as well. Having a canine-human relationships will lead to lower the level of stress for both adults and kids and provide a good physical and emotional health development for the whole family. Having a dog in the family will also bring another good benefit for it to decrease the risk of asthma of your children that linked to lower blood pressure. Here are some good reasons why it is very important to have a pet dog in the family.

Physical Health. You can get huge amount of exercise in walking with your dogs, this will allow you to get better shape, lose weight fast and lower your blood pressure.

Aside from physical health, dog owners also enjoy the benefits of emotional health aspects, pet dogs are a great stress reliever and thus bring calmness effects from that of the stress-related illnesses. You can get rid of that loneliness if you have your dog beside you, especially when you’re alone, you will the comfortable moment in the companion of your loyal dog and thus improves your mood from that of depression.

All illegal entry to your house will be halted, especially the thieves, when you have your loyal dogs that barks thundery and guards your property. When you have your dog at home, it’s like to have a home security system during the night when burglars are likely to break in and that will bring you big savings.

As we all know, dogs are playful, energetic and possess a lots of fun, you can feel at ease upon seeing your dogs meet you at the doorstep with tails wagging and jumping with so much excitement upon seeing you. It will be a big pleasure when you see your trained dogs bringing up you slippers towards you while setting there from a hard days work and removing your shoes for a change. Lastly, dogs are also like humans, they also need care, need to be fed, walked, played, trained and to be loved.

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