dinosaurs very smart

Were dinosaurs very smart?


How Smart Were Dinosaurs?

Some paleontologists point out that the most insightful may have been the small theropods of the genus Troodon, which lived about 70 million years ago in present-day North America.

They weren’t very big, just over six feet long and one meter tall, weighing around 50 kilos, but apparently they had relatively large brains compared to their body mass. In fact, it is often equated with that of modern birds.

The University of Chicago paleontologist James Hopson studied at the end of the 70s of the last century how to apply the so-called encephalization quotient to these animals, which relates the size of the brain to that of the whole organism. Although it is not clear to what extent a higher score on this scale denotes more intelligence, it is assumed that the larger the brain is in relation to the body, more of it could be occupied with processing complex cognitive tasks.

The human being, with a quotient between 7.4 and 7.8, dominates this scale. Among the mammals, some dolphins would follow, with between 4 and 5. According to Hopson, the Troodon would reach 5.8, while most carnivorous dinosaurs would not reach 2 and the large herbivorous dinosaurs, such as sauropods, would be found by below 1.

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