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What You Can Do to Get Back on Track after Being Arrested for Driving under the Influence

Being frightened and confused is a natural occurrence when one is first arrested for driving under the influence. The law provides that a person can be arrested for operating a motor vehicle under intoxication, but you can enhance your trial outcome when you take the right steps from your arrest. Intoxication happens when a person loses their physical or mental capacity owing this to the use of drugs or alcohol or both, or when they have an alcohol concentration of 0.08% or more. Click on this website for information about what to expect as consequences for driving under the influence. Find out more about what you should do to ensure that you get the best outcomes after a DUI arrest herein.

You need to provide a chemical test after a DUI arrest. A majority of the states have this is a requirement for you, refusal of which is punishable by law. The test is aimed at giving a clear picture of your condition and will consist of measuring your blood alcohol levels. This website has information on how this will be carried out for you.

It is necessary for you to use your right to remain silent, which is your constitutional right. Observing this step can help you not to incriminate yourself, and you will do this by remaining calm and responsive so that you cooperate with the officers who arrest you until your lawyer comes. After your arrest, the officers who get you to the station might be recording your conversations. Make sure that you answer the general questions honestly and address the officers respectfully but do not talk too much so that you do not end up making statements that may not be helpful to your defense. You also need to ensure that you get an attorney or request a state-provided public defender because this is another constitutional right that you have. This website has more information about how to remain calm and to make the necessary contacts.

You need to give your lawyer of full disclosure on your DUI arrest so that they formulate the best defense strategy. The information makes sure that your lawyer will be fully prepared to defend you or can explore various loopholes that may exist in the process. This website has more information about what to expect from a DUI attorney.

You also need to book a DMV hearing, which gives you a chance to keep your license. You will have about ten days which include weekends to make a formal request for DMV hearing. Other additional items that you need to engage in after a DUI arrest are given on this website.

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