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Hints of Diseases and Conditions Connected to Oral Health

There are millions of people suffering from diseases linked to oral health. According to research, a large number of these people usually feel pain, discomfort, and can even die because of the condition. Oral diseases are able to travel and affect other parts of the body. If you are wondering the great link which existing between bad teeth and other health problems in your body, please read this article to the end. Below is an example of health illnesses linked to bad teeth.

The first tip of a health problem connected to oral health is heart disease. There is a relationship existing between the periodontitis and heart disease. The main reason for this link is because of the risk factors that the two diseases share in common. According to their findings, periodontal illness increases the risks of getting a heart attack. This follows the explanation that bacteria may travel all the way from the gum to your heart during through the bloodstream. It is important to note that inflammation, as well as arterial plague, may follow making it difficult for the pumping of blood to the entire body. Irrespective of the fact that this research is incomplete, oral bacteria have been identified in the arterial plaque stamping the truth in the relationship existing between these two diseases.

The second hint of a disease caused by bad teeth is diabetes. Insufficient insulin in the human body is known to cause type 1 or type 2 of diabetes. Diabetes may cause the blood sugar level to rise above the required level. You are supposed to continue reading this article to the end to discover the existing relationship between these two diseases. Research has revealed that, there exits high hemoglobin HbA1C in people suffering from periodontitis, which is connected to the glucose level. Due to the poor glucose processing in diabetic people, they are often prone to have high hemoglobin HbA1C. Inflammation may also occur which can hinder conversion of sugar into energy in the body. These environments with high sugar levels promote the growth of bacteria in the mouth.

The third example of diseases which may be caused by the oral problem is respiratory ailments. The probability of contracting pneumonia, bronchitis and even COPD as a result of oral illnesses is quite high. The dangerous bacteria may be contacted by breathing in or via the bloodstream. Negligence to seek medical treatment of your teeth may lead to breathing in numerous bacteria into the respiratory system. Thus, this can lead to increased risks of respiratory conditions.

Furthermore, other tips of diseases which result from bad teeth include osteoporosis, reduced pregnancies in women, and dementia. It is your responsibility to cultivate proper oral hygiene so that you can get rid of such diseases.

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