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The Procedure To Seek For An Immigration Bond

A common phenomenon in most countries is the immigration of persons from one country to the other. This is the quest that has seen a wide population seek for avenues to relocate to different countries including the United States. To regulate immigrations therefore, there are rules and regulations set by government agencies to deal with cases of immigrations. Immigrants therefore must fully comply with the set regulations otherwise risk being detained and deported by the government agencies. In the event of detention, the immigrant may seek assistance of a loved one to have an immigration bond that set them free from custody.

The main purpose of immigration bonds is to offer immigrants freedom from custody after failing to meet the set requirements. The person paying the bond in this respect needs to deposit an amount set by the courts as the bond for the immigrant to be released. Bond amounts paid in this respect serves as an assurance for the immigrant to make appearances for the case hearing in courts. After completion of the hearing, the amounts deposited are paid back to the payer in full and this helpful page.

Immigrants in custody are offered with two choices of bonds. Delivery bonds are paid for an immigrant who is facing court proceedings and thus required to appear in court for the hearings. This bond is paid by a person who is well acquainted with the immigrant and thus the payer undertakes the responsibility to ensure the immigrant appears in court on the set times. This an option is deemed to offer the immigrant with an opportunity to access freedom through the hearing and as well seek for a lawyer if there is a prevalent need for such.

Another choice available for the immigrant is the voluntary departure bond that can be sought for this purpose. This is in most cases after the hearing are completed and the immigrant is to be deported. With this bond, the immigrant is offered a chance to leave the country at will but this has to be within a set period of time. The payer of the bond in this regard is allowed to get a refund of the amounts after the immigrant honors the ruling o the courts and willingly leaves the country in time.

An immigration bond s only offered after the immigrant has been detained and presented to the court as per the law. There are important considerations made by the courts in offering immigration bonds and these include among others determinations of whether the immigrant is a threat to the country. It is at this point that the immigrant makes contact with a loved one to have the bond paid. The the payer then proceeds to make payments for the bond as set by the courts and once paid in full the immigrant is released.

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