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The 10 best dinosaur museums in the world

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Many people are fascinated by dinosaurs. If you are like us, we invite you to visit the best dinosaur museums in the world , so that you can see their greatness in first person. And it is not the same to see them in reality as to see them on film.

10 best dinosaur museums in the world

Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin, Germany

Museum für Naturkunde

For me it is one of the best museums in the world. I not only recommend it for its large dimensions, but because inside you can find a lot of information and very well-made skeletons. The skeleton of the Brachiosaurus, which is 15 meters high, will surely catch your attention. But you can enjoy many other species of dinosaurs. It really is worth it.

Jurassic Land in Istanbul, Turkey

Jurassic Land in Istanbul

If you visit Turkey, it may be a good opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this museum. It was inaugurated in 2011 and since this date it has not stopped including dinosaurs in its ranks. This makes it a very complete option today, both for fossils and for models and skeletons. To this we must add that it has a very competitive price.

National Dinosaur Museum, Australia

National Dinosaur Museum, Australia
The Tyrannosaurus rex is a favourite among visitors to the National Dinosaur Museum.(ABC Radio Canberra: Penny Travers)

In order to enjoy it you will have to travel to Australia, specifically to Canberra. It is a museum that can be distinguished from those that we can find for example in Europe, because it focuses mainly on the species that lived in the area.

And not only will you be able to enjoy the dinosaur museum, but you will love being able to walk through its gardens and enjoy its sculptures. It is a museum for all audiences, although the kids in the house will surely love it. If you are lucky enough to travel to this country, it can be a good visit.

Field Museum in Chicago, United States

For me, Field Museum is another of the best dinosaur museums of the moment. It is a museum that has many visits. The best we can do is get the entrance in advance to be sure that we are going to see the inside of the museum.

The museum has dinosaurs from all over the planet, hence it is a truly complete option and consequently it has become one of the most prestigious in the world. Among other things, we must highlight the fossil of the largest Tyrannosaurus.

Zigong Dinosaur Museum in China

Zigong Dinosaur Museum

China is a country that does not stop finding sites in which new dinosaur fossils are discovered. Inside this museum you can find really interesting things and dinosaur remains from different times. Thanks to this you can learn to see the evolution of dinosaurs and realize that they were not always the same throughout their existence. In order to enjoy it, you will have to go to the Chinese city of Zigong.

Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology, Canada

Royal tyrrell entrance

In this case we travel to Canada to enjoy the beauty of this great museum. In it you can find a lot of information, remembering that it is located in Alberta. It should not be forgotten that the strong point of this museum is its laboratory, where you will be able to see first-hand how the fossils that are found are found and removed from the earth. You will be able to know high quality information, through which to know how complicated the extraction, study and exhibition process is.

Wyoming Dinosaur Center, United States

Wyoming Dinosaur Center

Now we travel to Wyoming in the United States. Many deposits have been found in this area, one of them being one of the largest in the world. Hence, this museum was created. There are many things to see, although the great star is the Supersaurus. This dinosaur will catch your attention because it has a height of 33 meters and really spectacular dimensions.

Dinopolis, Teruel, Spain


If you do not want to travel to Europe, then it may be a good option to visit Dinopolis, which is located in Teruel, Spain. It is a place where you can see and enjoy many things. It is also a museum that has been created for family fun, so it is well worth a visit. Dinópolis Teruel receives hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. 

Natural History Museum in London, England

Natural History Museum

A museum that is still considered one of the best paleontological museums in the world. Inside you can find many things, hence it is a museum that should be visited calmly if you do not want to miss a single detail. Inside you can enjoy a wide collection of dinosaurs and other beasts that will surely catch your attention. The museum is very well distributed, with the aim of getting you to understand it well.

Natural History Museum is also very technologically advanced, which makes it a museum that young people really like.

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