Smaller dinosaurs

Smaller dinosaurs

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Dinosaurs are always evoked as beings of great dimensions, but a large number of species of this type of reptile were not so large. There are dinosaurs of many types, weights, heights and sizes and it should be noted that there were actually more small dinosaurs than huge ones. Small dinosaurs could be even smaller than dogs or cats. Below you can find some of the smallest dinosaur species that populated the earth millions of years ago.


The Liaoxiornis, although it is impossible to know for sure, was probably the smallest size dinosaur that existed millions of years ago. The size of this reptile was only six centimeters,  being more or less the size of a current bird.


The Epidendrosaur was also a really small animal. It was about six inches tall but had really long fingers that gave it great strength.  Thanks to those marvelous fingers, this dinosaur was able to extract larvae from thousands of holes, even from trees, to get to eat every day.



The Epidexipteryx was also small, although larger than the previous two. This dinosaur measured exactly ten inches and had long feathers that made it look like a peacock. This type of dinosaur  had a special quality that was really similar to that of these animals since it used its feathers to attract and court females of its species.  Perhaps it could be an ancestor of turkeys, since their forms also resemble those of today’s birds.


Anchiornis was another of the smallest dinosaurs that populated the earth. Similar to a bird, it was actually a feathered reptile that lived in the area of ​​present-day Asia. Its name means almost bird and  in many cases it is presented as the connecting link between birds and dinosaurs  that were not similar to birds or did not fly.


This small-sized dinosaur lived during the Upper Jurassic. This type of dinosaur is used as a  link between theropod dinosaurs and modern birds.  It is really recognized as the oldest primitive bird and is divided into two species, acting as an intermediary between the feathered dinosaurs and the birds that we know today.



This type of dinosaur was one of the smallest that existed with between 35 and 70 centimeters.  He had a somewhat fatter and harder rear, and he used it to protect himself and to be able to fight with other males in order to captivate the females or to be the leader of his pack. It was a herbivorous dinosaur that also used this tool to defend itself against carnivores. In addition, it walked on two legs only and fed on ferns or similar vegetables. 

Eoraptor lunensis

The Eoraptor was a small-sized dinosaur and it really is one of the oldest ever discovered. It had very light bones and very thin legs that ended in three toes. In general, it was light and stabilized with its tail,  thus managing to reach its prey with its speed and catch them with its front legs, which did have five fingers. In addition, its sharp teeth helped it to be able to feed better on other reptiles and small mammals or insects.


The Compsognathus was one of the dinosaurs that, without being a bird, was one of the smallest in size. Even so, its size was similar to that of birds and it has also been tried to mate with current birds. It had three claws on each leg and a long tail  that served as a counterweight. Some research also indicates that this species could have been covered with feathers that would serve as insulation.


This dinosaur was also small and had a very short snout and small wings, with primary feathers. The tail of this animal was short and the toes and feet were very thin, in  addition to not having claws to attack their prey. They also did not show feathers or any type of wings on the lower legs.


Archaeceratops were a type of hornless dinosaurs that could be bipedal and quadruped and had really small beaks and throats. Also his body was really light and adapted to be able to walk quickly.  This animal was herbivorous and it is very likely that it fed on ferns, cyclades or conifers through its sharp beak.

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