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The Dumbest Lawsuits Ever.

Even though filing lawsuits is becoming very common now, only 10% of these cases will move to trial. Many of the claims are either rejected or settled out of court. Even so, it doesnt mean some frivolous ones do not eventually slip through. One or two absurd cases in court is not such a big deal but when they are the same as a bad standup then it makes you shake your head. A normal adult will take a case to court just because he or she is failing on that sector while there have been cases of people suing because of their poor skills in math or inability to read. You cant help but think about how patient the attorneys who participated in such cases were. Universal Studios was sued because of the clients was too scared. It started with the woman visiting Universal Studio for some Fun. Anyone who is familiar with the studio event will have heard of the Halloween Horror Nights which happen every year. You get to go to a haunted house. You will be scared by various creeps in the party and even murderers and gore. As it turns out, the woman ignored that piece of information and went to the party with her granddaughter and got the scare of her life. The pair didnt get injuries but an encounter with a Leatherface actor was considered enough to make the woman go to court. The experience left her to deal with nightmares which she demanded a compensation of fifteen thousand dollars. The judge silenced the woman by telling her to get a nightlight.

A senator from Nebraska State decided to file a suit against God because of natural disasters. This man felt that it was because of God that fearsome floods were happening, horrendous hurricanes, egregious earthquakes, pestilential plaque, and terrifying tornados. The senator wanted the court to rule for desist and cease against God. He wanted everyone to part ways. In case you are wondering, this senator was not insane or under influence. The senator was reacting to the passing of laws that barred frivolous lawsuits being presented to the court.

Jack a** was quite common in the 90s. This is thanks to a man named Jack A**. He ended up suing the MTV owner for causing chaos in his life. The only way this Jack a** could let this go was if he was given ten million dollars. The name change was done to alert more people about alcoholism. The funny part is that the campaign slogan selected did not feature his name.

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