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Steps To Troubleshoot Heat Pump Issues

If you are having a heat pump that is not functioning as expected, it is essential to try to figure out the problem. There is a possibility that one of the parts that make up the heating system could be having an issue. By an elimination process you will be able to pinpoint where the problem lies.

The thermostat could be one of the factors that is making your heat pump not to function correctly. You should start by checking the settings on the thermostat to ensure that they are properly done. The heat pump must be receiving the indication that it is supposed to circulate heat. You need to perform a similar task if the system is not cooling.

While troubleshooting the issues with your heat pump, it is advisable to check the breakers and fuses. If there is a power problem these two could be the culprits. At this point go to the circuit breaker box in your home for the purpose of checking whether it is switched on. Replacing the fuses is the action you need to take if they are blown.

The filter in your heat pump is the other place that you should focus your troubleshooting efforts if the above have not borne any fruits. if the filter is dirty your system will not work properly. By using a vacuum cleaner, you will be able to solve the problem. If the filter is extremely dirty the recommended solution is to purchase a new one.

As a method of troubleshooting the issue with your heat pump, it is advisable to check if there are any debris in the system. The outdoor unit will most likely not function properly in the presence of debris. You should ensure that the grass or shrubs that are in close contact with the heat pump are trimmed to solve the problem.

Your heat pump easily collects ice in cold weather temperatures. However, there is an inbuilt defrost feature in the pump. If there is ice on the coils ensure that you clear it as it may cause your pump to malfunction.

If your fan is not operating correctly, it could be the cause for the heat pump not functioning. The problem could be the motor and a technician will help you in fixing it. It is not recommended carrying out electrical repairs on your own if you do not possess the relevant skills. Faulty connections and loose wires could be another cause of the problem.

It is important to have enough oil in your heat pump so that the parts inside the system can operate smoothly. Check the place where you are supposed to add oil and top it up. Ensure that you make the necessary adjustments to the belts if there are too tight or loose.

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