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All about Scary Places on Earth
A number of places on earth require specific individuals with certain personalities to visit since they are so scary. The following are the examples of the scariest places we are talking about.

The suicide forest in Japan is so scaring especially for those who fear seeing dead bodies since suicides are done in there either through hanging or by taking sleeping pills. Kenmore insane asylum in Australia is a place where people with various problems such as depression, alcoholism or learning disabilities among others went to the place and committed strange murders like hanging, shooting and others. In this plantation, people have it in mind that it is built on a former burial ground and that legends experienced several murders done in the place and also that ghosts of different individuals are sighted over there.

In the United Kingdom, there is a village called Pluckley village which is recorded to have an estimate of about fifteen ghosts and it is suggested that these ghosts arise out of a certain man who was stabbed and hang on a tree and therefore this man is deemed to be haunting the area. One of natural pools in Australia is rarely visited by people since there is a curse that is haunting people to drown in it and this curse was made by a woman who drowned in the same pool after love betrayal. In India, there is a Fort of Ghosts where people dont come out of it once they enter because of the curses made on it by a wizard and a holy man in ancient times.

There is a prison in Indonesia which is reported to have many doors and ghosts appear in it after a certain woman committed suicide in the building. In Malaysia, there is a site called the Ghost Hill that was converted from a defense stronghold to a site of killing Japanese enemies and later on ghosts of these tortured individuals started haunting the place. An island in Italy is believed to contained a huge percentage of human ash on the soil due to the large number of people burned there and also the sound of a bell ringing is heard by locals of that island. The Hanging Coffins of the Philippines so one of the strange places one can visit since it a site where cliffs contains cliffs of the dead hang on their sides as a sign of people showing respect to the commands that were given by their ancestors.

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