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A Guide In Making The Best Philly Cheesesteak

You are totally missing in life if you have not yet tried eating a Philly cheesesteak. A Philly cheesesteak or Philadelphia cheesesteak has its roots from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. This delectable sandwich is made with a thinly sliced beef, a roll of cheese and onions. Know more about it from this company.

Moving on, in this article, you will get to have in-depth knowledge about how to make this mouth-watering snack.

First is the beef. Most cooks use ribeye in making the cheesesteak. Although there are those that choose whole muscle beef cuts due to their distinct individual characteristics. They are of high quality but is much cheaper than other parts. You can get more information from this company.

The next ingredient we will tackle is the bread. The ideal texture of the bread is that it is light, crisp but not overly crunchy on the outside and soft, tender but not overly chewy on the inside. Original cheesesteaks have steak rolls such as a sub, hoagie, or a torpedo roll. While the alternatives are kaiser roll, panini, wraps, English muffin, or matzoh. Amoroso rolls is also a perfect choice for your Philly cheesesteak. In addition, remember that the bread should be long, uniform and slender and that the ends are rounded not pointy. Check out good bread from this company.

You cannot have a cheesesteak without a cheese. A sliced White American or a provolone is the popular choice for the cheese. This is because they blend well with the flavor of the steak since they are not too sharp or salty. Find an American cheese that has a creamy taste. And when using a provolone, find one that has a mild or medium profile with a light smoky flavor. In addition, there are people who opt with Cheese Wiz, mozzarella or Swiss cheese. There are lots of good cheese in this company.

Not all cooks use onion in making a cheesesteak. But to those who use it, they make sure that it can add a bit of sweetness or a tang of sharpness to the flavor. You are given the option to choose from a Spanish onion, yellow onion or a white onion that is either grilled, fried, or caramelized.

Aside from the beef, bread, cheese, and onion, you can also choose to add hot sauce, marina sauce, sweet peppers, bell peppers, hot cherry peppers, long hot peppers, ketchup, mushrooms, mayonnaise, or lettuce and tomato to your cheesesteak. Depending on how you would want it to taste.

There are many recipes online that you can follow in order for you to make your Philly cheesesteak. You may be overwhelmed on which to choose so here is a quick guide for you. Even this company has good recipes.

Begin by slicing the meat and preparing the vegetables. You should chop up the onions and bell peppers.

The bed should be cut facing two sides up. Before putting them aside, you can top it with cheese.

Add some oil to your preheated skillet. Add salt and pepper to the sauteed onions and bell peppers.

When the onions turn brown, you can add the meat and season it with salt and pepper. While it is cooking, you can tenderize it by shredding the meat with a spatula.

After everything is cooked, you can add them to the bread.

Now you have your own Philly cheesesteak, enjoy!

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