How many dinosaurs on Earth

How many dinosaurs existed on Earth?

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How many dinosaurs were there?

Many people question the number of dinosaurs that existed on Earth. This question actually makes a lot of sense, especially when you know that these giant reptiles have been the longest-ruling the world. If you want to know what is known about this matter, you are in the right place.

Dinosaurs existed for at least 160 million years. To this day, there has been no other species that has dominated the world for so long, not even humans, which indicates that this species had an unusual development and survival capacity, although due to a meteorite its story ended.

If it were not for that, surely the human being would not have existed and, in the event that it were, would not be the dominating animal of the planet. To give you an idea, imagine living with the Tyranosaurus Rex, Gigantosaurus or the Spinosaurus; we would be their favorite delicacy, they would hunt us with great ease and we would not have been able to rise to the occasion. Therefore, we should be grateful for the disaster that occurred at the time.

However, this was not the main issue, but how many dinosaurs existed. Well, to be honest, the scientific field does not know exactly the total copies in all their fullness, but there are some confirmed estimates.

How many dinosaurs existed on Earth
Illustration of the K/T Event at the end of the Cretaceous Period. A ten-kilometre-wide asteroid or comet is entering the Earth’s atmosphere as dinosaurs, including T. rex, look on.

How many dinosaurs existed according to the scientific field?

According to the different studies that have been carried out over the years, everything indicates that there have been at least 700 species of dinosaurs, although it is also estimated that 350 of them are unique.

This indicates that half of those confirmed would actually be sub-species within species such as Diplodocus.

However, paleontologists themselves say that there are still 900 species of dinosaurs to be discovered . This, in turn, indicates that many fossils are still in the depths of the sea beds or that basically, due to the passage of time, these specimens are found in extreme depths of the terrestrial soil that humans have not yet managed to reach or analyze.

Surely in a few years it will be possible, but in the meantime it will be mere speculation.

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