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Reasons Why You Should Consider a Patent Cooperation Treaty

The patent cooperation which is shortened as PTC is an international treaty which gives room for an innovation to be patented in different countries by just one patent application. PTC encourages innovation in the different member states which are roughly over 150 states by patenting what has been innovated by a single patent application. The powers to grant the patent right is made by regional offices or national offices where the innovation has taken place provided the state is a party to the PTC. The PCT has many advantages to inventors of different products and services. Discussed below are some of the advantages of the patent cooperation treaty.

Trying to get a patent right to be recognized internationally will take up to 18 months or more if your state is not (arty to the PCT. You can make the process of having an international patent right protection by making the application through the PCT policy, this will make the entire process of translating and reserving the patent easier since they have regional offices in different states. When making a patent right application that is in line with the treaty PCT policies, your application cannot be rejected for failing on any formal reasons.

Enjoy an easy patent right application process when using the PCT advantage. Making the normal copyright application from your country is an expensive process which is also time-consuming. Patent rights applications which are done through the PCT policies will only need one application while doing it outside the PCT will require that you make several individual applications to different countries for your patent to be international.

You will have the simultaneous patent right protection. While applying for a patent right protection from your native country will only cover the invention in your country, getting an international patent right gives protection to your invention in many countries which are party to the PCT. When you are looking to do business in different countries, an international patent right that comes through PCT is the best option.

You stand a chance of having your business product known worldwide by using applying for the patent right via the PCT policies. Patent rights application done through the patent cooperation treaty takes your copyright to international markets which is good for your business. With international patent rights, you stand to be informae3d of other patented ideas that are in other countries which could have a positive impact on the patent of your product by giving you room to think again on your patenting . Discussed above are some of the common benefits of the patent cooperation treaty which you should consider going for.

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