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Top Facts That Everyone Needs to Know About Daylight Saving Time
For anyone that feels that DST is not such a great idea for the modern people, they should understand that it did not start yesterday or some few years back but as long as 100 years ago all thanks to the farmers that fought for the same at the time. Even though DST was invented to improve the quality of life, most farmers suffered so much that they had to annul the following year after being started in America in 1918 with some of the effects on agriculture being in the dairy sector whereby the cows failed to be ready to get milk at the right time. Although it was annulled a year after its invention in 1918 in the US, DST still came back to the picture in the ’60s and has been part and parcel of most people’s lives ever since and does not look like it is going anywhere anytime soon. For those that are not so familiar with DST, this article will be of great use as it explains some of the significant facts that everyone should know about it and reasons why we skip the 2 am hour every year in March.

Most people do not understand that DST is not plural which is way walking around the market today, one will easily hear of ‘Daylight Savings Time’ which is not correct bearing in mind that the savings are singular and not plural. The reason why so many people find calling DST in its singular is that the plural is all they hear all over the world today. There is however no need to struggle with calling the name as long as one remembers to set their clocks right.

Just like any other aspects relating to time across the world, DST is not observed uniformly across the world today but every country has its own schedule to follow which explains why the time of DST observance varies from one nation to another. While there are so countries in the world today follow the same schedule as that of the UK, there are also others in the Northern Hemisphere that do not observe the same completely.

It is also exciting to learn that not every American state observes DST today which includes Hawaii as well as most parts of Arizona which brings the need for anyone that travels there not on staying up late on the second Sunday of March awaiting a clock change. Arizona chose to leave DST in the year 1967 all thanks to the escape hatch that the Congress gave after approving the same. Hawaii, on the other hand, opted out all thanks to its location near the equator.

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