3 Best Paleontology Schools in US


Best Paleontology Schools in US

Following a career in studying dinosaurs is not easy, but it can be very rewarding if it is your passion. A bachelor’s degree only scratches the surface, but your path to the fossil world definitely starts from there. It is important to note that paleontology is not only related to dinosaurs; That includes everything in Earth’s history. Therefore, a series of university degrees can work to fulfill your dream, including geology, biology, anthropology, ecology, and others.

University of Michigan

Michigan university

The University of Michigan also has the opportunity to take paleontology courses at the college, although it is only minor to bring students to study. The graduate program uses the latest technology and is on a mission to help improve life and the environment through their work. Students who decide to enter this program must earn 22 credits and submit a thesis and research. You will also be invited to attend field trips and go out for hands-on learning experiences. These are just three of some of the best schools when it comes to fossils. If you are serious about meeting dinosaurs, it is best to plan ahead. You may want to earn a PhD in this field! Choose your college degree carefully and think about the program that works best for you to earn a graduate degree. What is the university program that benefits you the most?

University of Chicago

University of Chicago

If you want to focus on vertebrate paleontology, the University of Chicago offers a graduate program. The school has the latest technology and constantly makes new discoveries through its research. Students can also make their own contributions to the work of the Department of Paleontology. Each department faculty member has a focus, which includes organic biology, anatomy, and geophysical science. Since a University of Chicago master’s degree does not contain a set of core courses, your education in this subject depends entirely on your interests and the assistance of any faculty member who matches your goals. Students choose their work classes, attend weekly seminars, and complete research projects.

University of California

University of California

If you’ve been studying dinosaurs, you may already know that Berkeley was home to a research team that uncovered a lot of evidence that a comet extinguished animals. This university offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in this field (and related) and has a dinosaur museum on campus. Students seeking a degree in geological science should have core classes in math, physics, chemistry, and other sciences, but the structure of the program also helps ensure that you use creative and independent avenues for research. Just like in Chicago, Berkeley students design the exact master’s program according to their professional interests and objectives and must attend seminars, complete research projects and convert their master’s thesis.

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