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Reasons to Design Your Own Engagement Ring

You want your special lady to like the engagement ring that you will give, and the only sure way that it will be so is if you design the ring together. She will surely be expecting a ring when she accepts your marriage proposal and this is the time to tell her that you plan for both of you to design her engagement ring. Surely, this explanation will be taken with great excitement over the idea that she will get to design her own engagement ring. Here are some reasons why it is good to design the engagement ring with your special lady.

You special lady will definitely love the engagement ring if you give her something that you have designed together. If you buy an engagement ring in a jewelry store you will be faced with many wonderful rings that you will not know which one to choose. You might not even know what your special lady would like to wear. IF you design it together, then you know that she will really love it. One of the advantages of designing it together is that you can make a ring with the perfect size and shape for her. Going to the jewelry together will ensure this. You can even customize the size of the stone according to her preference. If she doesn’t like diamonds, then it doesn’t have to be. Let her choose the stone of her dreams.

If you design your own engagement ring, you can save a lot. Jewlery store engagement rings can cost you a lot. You can pare down some features if you design your own engagement ring. You can design your own ring with features that you like. It is possible to copy a really expensive one while changing many features to make it affordable. You get better quality and better price for your own designed engagement ring.

If you design your own engagement ring, you can even add symbolism to it. If you want to join your family to your spouse, then included pieces of your mother’s or grandmother’s jewelry into her ring. You can have words or dates engraved inside the ring which reminds you of special events and places. You can even engrave symbols or shapes that remind you of things you did together or an unforgettable experience.

IT is romantic to design an engagement ring together which also makes your relationship healthier. When you did not give her a ring when you proposed, she may have been very disappointed. But telling her about the designing part will make her truly joyful.

It is romantic to give someone what they like. It also shows that you value her opinion and tastes. It is good for your marriage to give her the choice of a ring. It means that you can listen and want her to make the right decision for herself.

Designing your own engagemtn ring is also fun. This experience is worth rmemebering (see how).

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